Trip Registration Cancellation, Deposit & Refund Policy

The Convoi team understands that individual situations occur that may require you to cancel your registration. This page details our cancellation, deposit and refund policy, and provides instructions on how to cancel a registration.



The deposit for a trip covers the many expenses Convoi cannot recover if you cancel, even if you must do so due to illness, injury, or personal emergencies. These fees are not meant to be punitive. When we budget for a trip we do so based on booking your spot. The deposit also reflects the expenses Convoi has incurred in administering your reservation and planning for your participation. Please understand that once you’ve signed up, we lose the ability to sell your reserved space to other individuals in a timely manner, and filling spots last minute is often not possible. We recognize that the majority of those who cancel their reservations do so out of necessity. Please note that we do not make any refunds for any unused portion of your trip, not arriving, arriving late, opting out of an activity or leaving the trip early.


In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your trip, your refund will be determined according to the following formula:


International Domestic Refund Amount
120 + days 90+ days Full refund
120 - 60 days 90 - 60 days Full refund less deposit
59 days or less 59 days or less No refund

How do I cancel?

To qualify for any refunds, we must receive notification in writing, by email to Feel free to call an notify Trent, but please note your official cancellation date is the date the notice is received by Convoi in writing. 

Can I transfer my spot to someone else?

Trip fees may be transferred from one person to another if, in the opinion of the Convoi team, it is determined that the other person is a fit for our group. Convoi reserves the right to cancel or alter a trip due to unforeseen weather, unsafe conditions, low registrations or other circumstances. On the rare occasion when Convoi must cancel a trip, all payments received to date will be refunded, including the non-refundable deposit. Convoi is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for any canceled trips, including airplane tickets.



I want to reserve my spot on a trip but I know there’s a good chance I’ll have to cancel. Do I have any other options?


You can give yourself some protection by purchasing travel insurance which covers the cost if you need to cancel. We’re not experts in this, so do your own homework when you buy. Beware some policies may not cover refund for cancellation for convenience.