So, Convoi's like a networking event?

Networking events are full of pitches, business cards and schmoozing. The people that attend networking events are focused on ROI and trying to sell everyone at the event. 

Convoi was created in response to networking events. We believe that there's little in business and life that is more important than real relationships, and we believe that deep relationships are built through shared experiences. At every Convoi event, we thoughtfully consider the people in attendance and what types of experiences and adventures will quickly breakdown barriers to allow people to connect quickly and on a deep level. 


What type of people come on Convoi trips? 

We carefully select all of the attendees to our events and make sure that everyone in attendance is kind, highly accomplished, and surprisingly humble despite their success. We like to surround ourselves with people that believe "every (person) I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him." 


Can I arrange my own accommodations/flight if I have points/miles? 

In our 3+ years of putting on events, we've found that a big part of the camaraderie is forged as people travel together and stay close by. Extenuating circumstances are always considered, but our default answer will always encourage our guests to do everything they can to facilitate deeper relationships. 

What do you do on your trips? 

Every trip is different, but we research each location and put together a one-of-a-kind itinerary of adventures you would never be able to experience on your own. We pull strings, leverage our network, and call in favors to get access to unique experiences unique to our destination. Batting practice on the field at Fenway Park? Sure. Private yacht in the SF Bay? Why not. Helicopter tour of New York? Done it. Check out what's coming up next (link to future trips), but here's a secret for you, we always have a surprise events up our sleeves! 


How big are the groups on Convoi trips? 

Our trips can vary a bit in size depending on our destination, but will generally be between 20 - 30 people. You ever been to a conference and feel like you don't have enough time to talk to everyone you want to? Relax, you'll have plenty of time to talk to everyone with our small groups at Convoi. 

IF my plans change can i get a TRIP refund? 

We understand that individual situations occur that may require you to cancel your registration. Your deposit is non-refundable but a portion of your whole trip may be refundable if it occurs within specified timelines. Read our whole registration cancellation and refund policy.